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Accounting for seven iconic cruise brands, Carnival Australia is part of Carnival Corporation & plc and the leading cruise operator in Australasia and the South Pacific. Carnival Australia accounts for more than 70% of the 833,348 Australians who took a cruise holiday in 2013, the eleventh consecutive year of 20% annual growth on average.

Carnival Australia operates as a 'House of Brands' comprising the world's leading cruise lines: Carnival Cruise Line, Cunard Line, fathom, Holland America Line, P&O Cruises, P&O Cruises World Cruising, Princess Cruises and Seabourn.

In November 2015, three more ships will join Carnival Australia's home-ported ships; Princess Cruises’ Golden Princess, and P&O Cruises' Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden.

Carnival Australia continues to make a major contribution to the industry goal of a million cruise passengers a year, a target which could be reached as early as 2015, some five years earlier than forecast. We played a leading role in Australia becoming the world’s fastest growing cruise market with world-leading market penetration based on population of 3.6%, for the first time surpassing the established North American market.

Carnival Australia leads the way in infrastructure discussions at the local and federal government level, lobbies for better passenger services in ports where ships visit, discovers new destinations to visit in the South Pacific and drives the growing interest and passion in cruising.

Carnival Australia employs more than 300 staff in its North Sydney headquarters, including reservations, customer service, hotel operations, sales, marketing, legal, people & performance, market planning, shared services and corporate affairs. 

On this site you will find key corporate news and resources from Carnival Australia as well as stories, videos and photos for each of our brands and the broader cruise industry.