Kara Glamore - Vice President Australia, Carnival Cruise Line


Kara Glamore is the Vice President of Carnival Cruise Line Australia and is responsible for driving the overall commercial operations & performance, guest satisfaction, and team engagement.  Kara originally joined Carnival Australia in Sept 2019 as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for CCL.

Having established an extensive career in leadership roles in consumer marketing and innovation, Kara has worked for some of the largest global companies, including Expedia, Nestle and Kraft and managed some of the most iconic Global and Australian brands such as Haagen Dazs, Smarties, Allen’s lollies, Uncle Toby’s, and Stayz.  

Building strategies, driving a growth mindset, and fostering a true commitment to working collaboratively across borders, brands and teams have always been key priorities for Kara, along with ensuring there is a healthy dose of fun.