An unusual two-night stay in Sydney on a cruise itinerary planned more than two years ago has led to P&O Cruises’ superliner Pacific Pearl becoming the canvas for a spectacular Vivid Sydney light and sound display – the first time a cruise ship has been part of the festival.

Timed perfectly for the start of the 18-day annual Winter festival of light, music and ideas - Pacific Pearl will come alive with the P&O Cruises’ ‘See Voyage’ taking excited viewers on a virtual cruise.

Close to 2000 New Zealand visitors whose Pacific Pearl cruise to Australia started in Auckland on May 21 will have a front row viewing platform of Vivid Sydney on May 24-25.

“It’s unusual for a P&O Cruises’ ship to have an overnight transit call at the Overseas Passenger Terminal on a cruise itinerary that was determined two years ago,” said Tammy Marshall, Senior Vice President P&O Cruises.

“To have Pacific Pearl at Circular Quay on the first two nights of Vivid Sydney and to be able to project images of the sea and the islands on her side in an extravaganza of light and sound, was an opportunity that was just too good to miss.”

On both nights of Pearl’s transit call, the P&O Cruises’ ‘See Voyage’ five-minute presentation will run every 30 minutes from 6pm – midnight with the Sydney Opera House and its vicinity the best viewing spot to take in the eclectic display.

The colourful fast moving show captures Vivid Sydney’s festival of creativity, enjoyment and escapism, which are also part and parcel of cruising to the Pacific Islands to visit some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

 “Pacific Pearl’s passengers are in for a very special treat as their superliner becomes one of the many Vivid Sydney light installations around the world’s most spectacular harbour,” Ms Marshall said.

“In addition to taking in the Vivid Sydney sights and sounds, for two nights they will have all the time needed to fan out and enjoy the dining, shopping and touring opportunities that the city has to offer.

“To have Pacific Pearl’s two-night transit call to Sydney coincide with Vivid Sydney is pure serendipity and we couldn’t be more excited at this chance to present wonderful images of the islands and maritime themes.”