New Survey Reveals Blokes Shop til They Drop on Holidays

A new survey on Australians holiday shopping habits has revealed that men are bigger spenders than women and much more likely to buy something nice for their spouse while travelling.


Of the 1000 people surveyed for the inaugural Princess Cruises Holiday Shopping Study, men were far more generous than women, with 27 per cent saying they bought for their partner on holidays compared to only 7 per cent of women. The majority of women (54 per cent) said they mainly shopped for themselves.


Every respondent said they shopped while on holiday but more than 60 per cent admitted they needed retail therapy at least three times a trip, while a further 15 per cent said they couldn’t go a day without shopping during their time away.


The survey also revealed an interesting trend among couples with more than half (54 per cent) of respondents saying they would prefer to shop with their partner than anyone else. Once again men were more enamoured with their partners, with 67 per cent preferring to shop with their significant other, compared to only 44 per cent of women. The least favoured holiday shopping companions were children (2.5 per cent) and parents (2.3 per cent).