Princess Cruises Offers a Memorable Voyage for Anzac Veteran

Close to 600 guests attended a special Anzac Day dawn service onboard Princess Cruises’ Sun Princess on Saturday – including veteran soldier Thomas Iser, who also celebrated his 96th birthday on the cruise.

The memorial service was held on the 11th day of Sun Princess’ 15-night Papua New Guinea cruise – a journey full of memories for Mr Iser, who served in Papua New Guinea during World War Two.

Travelling on his 12th cruise with Princess Cruises, Mr Iser, from Junorton in Victoria, was the most senior guest onboard the ship.

He celebrated his birthday on April 20 with family members Gordon and Helen Forsyth, and with a special tour to the ship’s bridge in the company of Captain Lorenzo Paoletti.

Mr Iser said he had chosen the voyage as it took in so many significant personal events.

“It’s been wonderful to spend my 96th birthday as well as the Anzac centenary with fellow veterans, passengers and family onboard Sun Princess,” Mr Iser said.

“Making the voyage back to Papua New Guinea also brings back many memories of our experiences fighting in the war there, but of course it’s very different making the trip on a cruise and seeing the beauty of the islands.”

Members of the ship’s company and war veterans onboard led the memorial service.