Families that Stay Together, Play Together New Study Finds More Young Adults are Travelling with Their Parents

Young adult Australians are not only living with their parents for longer, they’re also choosing to take their holidays with them, according to new research conducted for leading cruise line P&O Cruises.


A national survey of more than 1000 adults aged 18–29 years has found that more than half (51 per cent) have gone on an all-expenses paid holiday with their parents since turning 18, while a massive 82 per cent said they would consider taking a trip with their parents.


Fifty per cent of those surveyed said their prime reason for wanting to holiday with their parents was a desire to spend more time with their family, while only 21 per cent said their main motivation was to save their own money.


The research supports a growing trend that P&O Cruises has observed on its ships, with the cruise line reporting an 18 per cent increase in the number of 18–29-year-old guests travelling with their parents on a cruise holiday last summer, compared to the 2016 peak summer period.


The cruise line has affectionately named the group ‘TRIPPERS’ – the generation ‘Travelling In Parents’ Pockets and Eroding Retirement Savings’.


Award-winning social researcher Mark McCrindle said the TRIPPERS trend follows highly publicised discussions about the 'millennial' generation being unable to afford their own home.


“Young Australians experience many financial pressures today so parents are playing a key role in helping their adult children save, study and now travel,” Mr McCrindle said.


Mr McCrindle said P&O Cruises’ research showed that while housing affordability was the biggest cause of financial stress for young adult Australians (nominated by 44 per cent of respondents), the second biggest stress trigger was their inability to save for travel (31 per cent).


The survey found 71 per cent of respondents regarded travel as a key priority in their life. While almost nine out of 10 (87 per cent) of respondents said they would take more holidays if they could, 78 per cent said they did not have enough money to take more trips.


“When it comes to travel, having a close relationship with mum and dad can clearly have significant benefits – both emotional and financial,” Mr McCrindle said.


An impressive 81 per cent of those who had already travelled with their parents said they were surprised how much fun they had, while 91 per cent said they’d travel with Mum and Dad again if they had the opportunity.


Asked to nominate the reasons they enjoyed travelling with their parents, 61 per cent of the young adults surveyed said it was a great opportunity to spend quality time with mum and dad, while 40 per cent said it brought back memories of family time when they were younger, 37 per cent said they had a lot of fun and 33 per cent said they enjoyed being able to travel without spending their own money. 


P&O Cruises President Sture Myrmell said the cruise line had noticed more Generation TRIPPERS on its ships in recent years, with cruising becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice for family groups.


“Cruising is an incredibly affordable way for an extended family to travel, offering an overseas experience for all without the expense of international airfares,” Mr Myrmell said. “We’re seeing more and more parents travel with their adult children on our ships – it’s a wonderful act of generosity by parents which means the whole family can continue to explore new horizons together and really carry the bonds of childhood into adulthood.”


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About the research:

McCrindle commissioned research on behalf of P&O Cruises Australia. The research was conducted online in January 2018 amongst a sample of 1,002 Australians aged 18–29 years (representative by state and gender).


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