Soon-to-be Pacific Encounter Gets Her New ‘Name Badge’ and P&O Cruises Australia Identity as Fleet Transformation Gathers Pace Amid Growing Optimism

Amid growing optimism of a restart of cruising, soon-to-be Pacific Encounter has arrived in Singapore to be greeted by her new P&O Cruises Australia ‘name badge’ already waiting for her on the dockside.

The ship’s P&O branding — each side 20 metres long, eight metres high and weighing three tonnes — will ultimately be proudly displayed in the familiar position on the funnel high above the top deck.

All of this activity is the latest sign of P&O’s fleet transformation in which Pacific Encounter and Pacific Adventure will join Pacific Explorer in coming months signalling a bright future for Australia’s home grown cruise line.

“This is also a sign of P&O’s resilience and strength as we look forward to the restart of cruising and the rebuilding of cruising in our region,” said President of Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises Australia Sture Myrmell. “It is also a tribute to P&O’s many loyal guests who have stuck by us through these challenging times.”

P&O’s design and technical team members are in Singapore helping to make Pacific Encounter ready for her fleet entry using it as a template for Pacific Adventure’s introduction.