Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

Carnival Australia is proud to undertake our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Carnival Australia is proud to undertake our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which formalises our long-term commitment towards advancing reconciliation in Australia.

As a leadership team representing seven cruise brands in Australia, including our home-grown brand,  P&O Cruises Australia, we are extremely proud to launch Carnival Australia’s first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

We are committed to coming together to deepen our understanding of and connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, and cultures. As our ships travel all around the world, this plan is providing us with the powerful opportunity to reflect upon how we can coordinate our actions to help further reconciliation here in Australia.

We acknowledge that we are at the start of our journey. However, we believe that our organisation is uniquely positioned to make a positive difference and we are excited by the possibilities ahead of us. We commit to listening and learning as we walk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to create this change.

We look forward to discovering more about the oldest surviving culture in the world and learning from First Nations communities, whose resilience, pride and generosity of spirit are values we share.

And we are committed to sharing those insights with others, including our people, our guests and the destinations and communities we visit.

We are thrilled that the cover artwork by Garry Purchase, commissioned for this Reconciliation Action Plan, symbolically represents people, the ocean and the connection between them. And we are proud that our cruise lines bring people together to experience unforgettable holidays, while honouring the integrity of every ocean we sail, place we visit and life we touch.

Already in the Pacific, we take guests to visit First Nations culture in a respectful way, ensuring we have a positive impact and creating shared value in communities we visit.

In Australia, we respect the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters we visit and particularly acknowledge their deep relationships with the coastal and marine environments where we operate. We recognise we have much to learn from their ecological wisdom which has developed over centuries of caring for country and sea country.  

Our vision is to further demonstrate that respect, broaden our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, and engage with our people and guests to advance reconciliation in Australia.

Carnival Australia Executive Leadership Team

-       Peter Little, Senior VP Guest Experience, P&O Australia

-       Stuart Allison, Senior VP Asia Pacific Princess Cruises

-       Kara Glamore, VP Australia, Carnival Cruise Line

-       Lauren Miller, General Counsel

-       Kathryn Robertson, Chief Commercial Officer

-       Teresa Lloyd, Chief Strategy and External Affairs Officer

-       Julie Taylor, VP Finance

-       Michael Kerr, VP Information Technology

-       Deborah Cogin, VP – Guest Experience Hotel Operations

-       Greg Jackson, VP - Fleet Operations

-       Matthew Rutherford, Vice President, Revenue Management & Deployment

-       Ryan Taibel, VP Sales & Partnerships - P&O Cruises, Holland Ameri, Sales - PO Cruises

-       Fettes, Ben (P&O AU), VP Direct Customer Experience

-       Nerissa Moore, Senior Director, People Team

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