Carnival Australia's big step in brand differentiation and sales growth

Carnival Australia has unveiled a new sales structure to maximise the selling power of its cruise brands and build on its leadership position in the world’s fastest growing cruise market.

The new structure sharpens the focus on brand differentiation and streamlines relationships with travel agents in an increasingly competitive market.

It involves the establishment of three brand specific sales teams with one dedicated to P&O Cruises, one for Princess Cruises and one for P&O Cruises World Cruising and Cunard.

“We begin 2013 with an ambitious sales approach that reaffirms Carnival Australia’s position as the leading cruise organisation in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific,” Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry said.

“Our new sales structure allows the agility and flexibility to make the most of the market power of Carnival Australia’s iconic cruise brands to drive sales and profitability.

“Carnival Australia’s existing sales structure under the Complete Cruise Solution umbrella served us well in enabling the business to become the region’s biggest cruise operator with its goal of a million passengers a year within reach.

“The changes being made represent Carnival Australia’s next big step forward to drive sales, business growth and operational efficiency based on the power of our brands.”

The new structure creates a number of opportunities. It will:

  • more clearly differentiate Carnival Australia brands and products
  • boost the sales team’s face-to-face engagement with travel agents
  • allow simplified sales and brand messages to increase cut-through with distinctive brand ‘personalities’
  • increase the frequency of travel agent visits to drive market growth.

There are no changes in New Zealand given the nature of the market and size of the local team.

Carnival Australia will recruit a sales manager for the P&O Cruises and Princess Cruises sales teams and will also be expanding its footprint by recruiting several new Business Development Managers.

The new structure will mean respected team members, Don Clark and Ken Byers, will leave the organisation in the months ahead with Carnival Australia’s gratitude and admiration for their tireless efforts.

The new sales structure will come into effect on March 11, 2013.