Cruises Expands Discovery at Sea Partnership with ‘Style at Sea with TLC’

Princess Cruises and Discovery's TLC TV network have announced a new 'Style at Sea with TLC' guest experience and branded content program as part of the cruise line's exclusive Discovery at Sea partnership.

Created with the help of fashion expert Stacy London, the new program will tackle many of the questions women ask when preparing for a cruise holiday, like what to pack, what to wear and how to look stylish.

The well-known US stylist, author and magazine editor is also famous for her time as co-host on TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear’, the network’s longest-running primetime series and as host of TLC series ‘Love, Lust or Run’ where she coached women on their questionable fashion decisions.

In the latest series, TLC has teamed up with Princess Cruises to provide how-tos and style advice to make dressing onboard a cruise carefree and fun.

In addition, the cruise line’s popular ‘Runway at Sea’ activity will be revamped, offering Princess guests the chance to model clothing from the onboard boutiques.

Princess Cruises Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Gordon Ho said Style at Sea with TLC added to the cruise line’s ‘Come back new' brand promise, and was designed to give guests transformative style esperiences.

 “We’re proud to have Stacy London introduce this new program that will help our guests pack fashionably and with style specific to the destination as well as look and feel their best for their own celebrations at sea,” Mr Ho said.

TLC personalities will host a video series to help women choose the best pieces of clothing for their cruise holiday. From providing tips for those who prefer to pack light, to accessorising a bathing suit, dressing up for a special occasion or applying make-up, Style at Sea with TLC will help take the guesswork out of how to dress for both day and night while on a cruise.

Stacy London said the Style at Sea at TLC program was designed to make all women feel confident throughout their cruise.

“Whether they’re relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean, whale watching in Alaska, quickly changing from day to night, or getting ready for a romantic celebration, I want all women to know how to express their personal style with confidence anywhere and everywhere, land or sea,” Ms London said.

Style at Sea with TLC video content and articles will be available in early 2016.

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Discovery at Sea aboard Princess Cruises is an exclusive partnership, which debuted in 2015 and creates memorable vacation experiences for the whole family. From stargazing to activities featuring Discovery hit shows, to immersive Discovery and Animal Planet shore excursions and Science Channel activities, Princess guests come back with a story to tell. 

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