Princess Cruises Announces Deployment Change For Diamond Princess Sailings Northern Autumn 2021-Spring 2022 Season

Princess Cruises announced today changes to its deployment in Japan and destinations around Asia with the cancellation of Diamond Princess sailings from October 2021 – April 2022. Diamond Princess instead will set sail for a maiden season, in another region of the world, with specific details to be announced later this month. 

The cancelled Diamond Princess sailings include: 

October 24, 2021          Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam 

November 8, 2021        Sea of Japan Fall Foliage and Explorer Fall Foliage 

November 17, 2021      Japan Explorer and Shikoku Fall Foliage 

November 26, 2021      Shikoku and Shikoku & Kyushu Fall Foliage 

December 5, 2021        Kyushu Fall Foliage 

December 14, 2021      Grand Asia Collection 

February 18, 2022         Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam 

March 5, 2022               Japan Explorer and Kyushu Explorer Spring Flowers 

March 14, 2022             Kyushu Spring Flowers and Kyushu and Shikoku Spring Flowers 

March 23, 2022             Shikoku Spring Flowers and Shikoku Explorer Spring Flowers 

April 1, 2022                  Japan Explorer Spring Flowers and Sea of Japan Explorer Spring Flowers 

April 10, 2022                Sea of Japan Spring Flowers and Sea of Japan & Northern Japan Spring Flowers 

April 19, 2022                Northern Japan Spring Flowers 


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