Carnival Cruise Line calls Aussie stars to light up the stage at sea

Carnival announces once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in Sydney and Brisbane talent quest to join global fleet:
Carnival Cruise Line knows that when it comes to entertainment, Aussies are a talented breed who always punch above their weight, which is why this November entertainers with flair are being urged to attend auditions in Sydney and Brisbane to join the Carnival family.
Global talent head-hunters will be in Sydney and Brisbane November 13, 15 and 17 to recruit hundreds of singers and dancers for Carnival’s Broadway style stage shows. From vintage pop singers to country duos, classical to contemporary dancers, the opportunity to secure arguably one of the most fun jobs in the world awaits.
One of the biggest perks for performers across the 25 ship Carnival fleet, is the opportunity to travel to the most beautiful destinations across the globe. From the exotic islands of the Caribbean, to the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of Alaska, it’s all on your doorstep when you are part of the Carnival Cruise Line crew.
Those selected will join the 135 Aussie entertainers already working for Carnival globally, waving the flag for home-grown Australian talent. Entertainers such as Chantelle Mullin, a Sydney born dancer who has been working for Carnival Cruise Line for the last 10 years across 12 different ships.
“My job is in a word, incredible! I am doing what I love whilst travelling the world and meeting new people. My life has been enriched by the experience and being part of the Carnival family, so I would definitely encourage Aussie performers to audition in Sydney or Brisbane,” said Chantelle.
Carnival Cruise Line Casting & Booking Manager, John Guglielmetti, knows Australia is overflowing with talent, “At Carnival Cruise Line we absolutely love hiring Australian talent.  We know that Aussies are not only talented and hardworking, they also love to have fun, which is the perfect combination of attributes for anyone working onboard our ships.”

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Audition details
Talent Case Study: Sydney born Chantelle Mullin is living her dream as a dancer for Carnival Cruise Line, please see more information below.

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Carnival Cruise Line Audition Details
Monday, November 13 Sydney Youth Staff Invited Call
Monday, November 13, 10am Sydney Singers Who Dance Village on Broadway, Building 4, 85 O-Riordan Street, Alexandria
Wednesday, November 15, 1pm Sydney Musicians Forbes Street Studios, 150 Williams Street, Woolloomooloo
Wednesday, November 15 Sydney Fun Squad: Activity Hosts  Invited Call
Wednesday, November 15, 10am Sydney Dancers Who Sing Village on Broadway, Building 4, 85 O-Riordan Street, Alexandria
Friday, November 17, 1pm Brisbane Singers Who Dance Australian Dance Performance Institute, 31-33 Collingwood Street, Albion
Friday, November 17, 10am Brisbane Dancers Who Sing Australian Dance Performance Institute, 31-33 Collingwood Street, Albion
Friday, November 17, 1pm Brisbane Musicians  Alchemix Recording Studios, 4/24 Brereton Street, South Brisbane
Friday, November 17, 2017 Brisbane Youth Staff Invited Call
Friday, November 17, 2017 Brisbane Fun Squad: Activity Hosts  Invited Call

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Case Study:

Sydney born Chantelle Mullin knew at the age of 3 she wanted to perform and today, she is living her dream as a dancer for Carnival Cruise Line where is currently rehearing for a range of Broadway style shows to feature on Carnival's newest ship, Carnival Horizon, when it launches in May next year.
Chantelle attended the Australian Dance Performance Institute in QLD and upon completing her course, auditioned for a job with Carnival Cruise Line. It was in 2007 that she received her first contract and she has been working for Carnival ever since. Getting paid to do what she loves, travelling the world, meeting new people and being part of the Carnival family are just a few reasons why Chantelle describes her job as incredible. 
Having worked on 12 Carnival ships, including Aussie based Carnival Legend and Spirit, Chantelle describes the biggest difference to working on a ship vs land is the versatility. Performing a minimum of 5 different shows each week, at least twice a night, all the shows are completely unique and required her to 'wear a different hat' every night. This truly made her grow as a performer as the shows are very style specific - from rock shows, commercial shows, music theatre show, period shows, Carnival have everything!