Carnival Australia leads cruise input for draft NZ tourism action plan

New Zealand has launched an ambitious plan that rewrites the approach to tourism and the environment in New Zealand.

The draft Tourism Environment Action Plan aims to start a conversation about how tourism can have a positive impact on the natural environment, which is critical to achieving a regenerative tourism model – one that leaves a community and environment better than it was before.

The Plan identifies that tourism can champion our economy-wide transformation to a regenerative way of living.

Marguerite Fitzgerald, President Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises Australia, said it has been a privilege to work with the Leadership Group to prepare this draft plan.

“Our commitment to giving more than we take is fundamental to our destination management philosophy,” said Ms. Fitzgerald.

"The expectations of our guests, like other travellers, demand the preservation of the world class destinations New Zealand offers.  Working with like-minded businesses to create a plan to deliver this has been a powerful experience”

Tourism Environment Leadership Group co-chair Laurissa Cooney said the group wanted to hear from people with a broad range of views. The Leadership Group has developed the draft action plan and represents industry, government, Māori, and unions.

“We very much see this plan as a draft. We are proposing a radical shift in the approach to tourism and the environment in New Zealand, so a robust discussion now is essential before we make our final decisions.

“It’s important we hear from people with different perspectives and interests and from different parts of Aotearoa. How do they see tourism contributing to environmental restoration here and the ripple impact globally? Which of the proposed actions match their priorities and have we missed anything critical?”

The draft Tourism Environment Action Plan is available on MBIE’s website with submissions closing on 19 July: