Hamish & Andy Return from the People’s Cruise with a Shipload of Memories

Hamish & Andy’s The People’s Cruise has returned to Sydney after 10 days cruising the South Pacific, with the radio duo rating their time onboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Spirit as a career highlight.


The pair took 110 of their listeners on The People’s Cruise, “cruising Australia home” for five days last week during their national drive-time slot on the Hit Network, as Carnival Spirit sailed from Sydney to Vanuatu.


The cruise competition ended up being one of the duo’s most successful contests, with 27,000 listeners entering to win a spot on Carnival Spirit – the biggest response ever to a Hamish & Andy competition.


More than two million Australians tuned in as the boys advanced their skill tester prowess, farewelled dead thongs, cemented relationships with friendship bracelets, sat for a portrait, rode the steepest and fastest waterslide at sea – Green Thunder – and ate Carnival Spirit out of cheesecake. 


According to Andy, the final broadcast was more exciting than the time they had Bono on the show, while Hamish said defeating his onboard nemesis Cash Crane was one of the greatest moments in his 12-year career in entertainment.


Carnival Cruise Line Vice President Australia Jennifer Vandekreeke, who joined The People’s Cruise, said it was a blast having two of Australia’s funniest personalities onboard Carnival Spirit.


“It was so exciting to have the free-spirited duo of Hamish and Andy share their cruise experience on Carnival Spirit with their 2.5 million listeners.  For an entire week, they did a great job of bringing all the onboard fun to life for their fans back home in Australia,” Ms Vandekreeke said.