Carnival Cruise Lines says Aussies shouldn’t have to compromise on their holidays

New research commissioned by Carnival Cruise Lines has revealed that nine out of ten Australians feel they have to compromise on what they really want from a holiday in order to please their partners or other family members. This feeling of compromise is even more heightened as many Australians have just returned from their summer breaks, and more than 1 in 3 people report they feel generally dissatisfied with how their holidays panned out.

The study reveals that many people are on different pages from the very beginning of holiday planning. Approximately half of Australian families (56%) and couples (49%) disagree on the type of holiday they want.

The biggest point of contention is the holiday destination (33% disagreeing on this), followed closely by the decision to either go somewhere new, or somewhere familiar and well-liked (28% of respondents). The choice between either a relaxing holiday or one with stimulating surroundings also presents a sticking point as one in five (22%) Australians disagree on what they want in a holiday experience.

Women, and the baby boomer generation seem to be the ones calling the shots when it comes to holiday planning, with males in relationships and Generation Y the most likely to compromise on what they want (26% of males in a ‘couple’ relationship; and 25% of respondents aged 18-34 years).

As a result, the tension and anxiety around holidays appears to be having an impact, with close to one in five (17%) people returning from their holiday feeling as tired as when they went away.

Aiming to help Australians plan their next great holiday, Carnival Cruise Lines has launched a new online tool, Write Your Own High Seas Adventure. The truly distinctive aspect of this tool is that each holidaymaker – whether it’s a friend or family member – can select personal preferences for his or her dream holiday, and then see it come to life onboard a cruise via a fun and engaging video. Furthermore, entrants can share with their friends and enter a competition for the chance to win a cruise each month during 2014.

Carnival Cruise Lines Director Australia and New Zealand, Jennifer Vandekreeke said, “We all know that holiday time is precious.  But interestingly, many Australians are still making compromises on what they truly want to experience on their time away, just to please others. 

“That’s where we fit in, Carnival Cruise Lines offers the no-compromise holiday.  The variety of onboard activities ranges from the Zen of the child-free Serenity retreat to the adrenalin of Green Thunder, the steepest and fastest waterslide at sea. We offer everyone the opportunity to have the holiday experience they want onboard a Carnival Cruise.
“Aussies can visit to create their own personalised holiday video, and share it with friends and family as a way to put an end to the holiday compromising once and for all. Participants can also enter for a chance win a cruise for you and three friends. One cruise to be won every month through to December 2014.”

For more information and bookings, contact Carnival Cruise Lines on 13 31 94, or visit

Additional insights into Australian holiday-makers’ preferences and gripes:

  • More than half of Australian families (56%) disagree on the type of holiday they want
  • Half of Australian couples (49%) disagree on the type of holiday they want
  • 1 in 3 Australians return from holidays feeling somewhat dissatisfied
  • Close to one in five (17%) return feeling as tired as when they went away
  • 11% agreed that too much time was spent in airports, driving or travelling
  • 71% of Australians prefer holidays that offer new experiences
  • 62% of Australians seek a relaxing holiday