P&O Takes Cruising to the Edge - Hollywood's Leading Stunt Actress Launches the Largest Adventure Park at Sea

Australia’s leading cruise line P&O Cruises has launched the most comprehensive adventure program ever to hit the high seas in spectacular style - with help from one of Hollywood’s most sought after stunt actresses.

 Janene Carleton, who has performed high octane stunts for the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel and Paula Patton, launched P&OEdge onboard Pacific Jewel, bringing her eight years of stunt double experience to showcase the range of adrenaline inducing activities now available as part of the program.

 The P&OEdge program gives passengers the opportunity to climb, swing, race and jump their way to parts of the ship never seen before by guests. The 20 activities, which include high rope swings, laser tag, slack lines, Segway obstacle courses, flying fox lines, funnel climbs and many more have been specifically designed to make use of the ship’s existing architecture and turn Pacific Jewel into the largest floating adventure playground in the world.

Janene’s silver screen experience is also perfectly suited to test out the star of the new activities – The Titanic Moment – which will allow passengers to recreate the classic pose on the bow of the ship, made famous by Kate and Leo in James Cameron’s epic 1997 blockbuster.

Janene Carleton said: “My job as a stunt actress means I’m constantly pushing myself to the limit. I love new challenges - so to have the opportunity to bring some of these skills to test out the new P&OEdge program is hugely exciting for me.”

Head of P&O Cruises, Ann Sherry AO said: “We’re proud to offer passengers the most comprehensive range of onboard adventure activities ever seen in the cruising world. Whilst other cruise lines offer passengers a limited selection of activities, P&OEdge is the first to roll out a fully integrated program – something we’re confident our passengers will love. We’re even hoping Angelina may swing by to test out the new activities with her kids while she’s in Sydney!”

The program of activities has been carefully selected to ensure there’s something for everyone. Even budding stunt doubles will have the opportunity to test their skills in the kids activities section whilst mum and dad can choose from a selection of activities, ranging from the breathtaking to the downright thrilling.

John Sharpe of Pacific Adventures, who devised the program of P&OEdge activities said: “We’ve been creating adventure tours for intrepid travellers for years but bringing these activities on board a ship takes things to a whole new level.”

 “We’ve devised the activities to fit in with the existing features of the ship which adds a dynamic fourth dimension to the challenges.  Not only can you complete a rock climb up the funnel, you’ll also be working with the sway of the ship as it passes through the sea, meaning no two experiences will ever feel the same.”

 P&OEdge is currently available on Pacific Jewel cruises, with the program to be rolled out across the P&O fleet in 2014. For more information, please visit edge.pocruises.com.au and www.pocruises.com.au.